Analyze tweets in Power BI – Sneak Peek

You can now analyze your brand and your competing brands in Power BI. My last blog post here can guide you through the first steps to create such a dashboard.

Want more? You can now purchase the dashboard (Scroll down and provide your email in the form below, or just email me at

Here is a real report of Trump’s and Clinton’s Twitter analytics. The first page shows the count of tweets, retweets and favorites for each candidate in the last week. We analyze the engagement level over time, and take into account the number of followers and frequency of tweets. You can slice and dice the data by sentiment, drill down to the filtered tweets, and then navigate to actual individual tweets on Twitter.

Sentiment Analysis: Whose tweets are more negative? From which App? Do negative tweets get more retweets than positive tweets? Slice and dice and drill down to the actual tweets on Twitter.

Analyze the different Twitter apps (e.g. Andorid vs. iPhone). Find out which app has higher retweets, and track specific tweets by app and time of day. You can even find out which tweets were done by Trump at 3am 🙂

These dashboards can be yours (with your brand names, and your competitors’ brands). Contact DataChant below to purchase these dashboards.

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