Presenting at Power BI Global User Group

It is a busy week at DataChant (Working on a well-customized on-site training for an advanced Power Query team in an amazing company; Meeting with a Finance Director from another company to boost their Power Pivot potential; and working on some collateral to share with potential new customers in the Pharmaceutical industry).

Yesterday, I published my blog post on PowerPivotPro, and DataChant broke a new record, reaching the Best-View-Ever of 929 views/day and 333 visitors/day.  I am honored to be part of the PowerPivotPro glorious team (Thank you Rob for this opportunity), and will do my best to continue sharing my experiences here and there.

If you are a new reader, welcome to DataChant!!! I am looking forward to helping you to combine your Super Power Pivot powers with the new Super Power Query ones. The two tools really shine together.

And now for the main status update of the day:

Tomorrow I am presenting on the Global Power BI User Group (Thank you Vishal for the invite). We will use Power BI Desktop to analyze the group Facebook page, find the most active users, and run Sentiment Analysis on the Group’s comments.

It will be a real fun, you are welcome to join. The session will start here at 11:30am PT.

You can leave some positive or negative comments on any post in the group, and we will run Sentiment Analysis on those comments tomorrow. Let’s find in Power BI who is most negative 🙂

Oh, and I almost forgot, three of the participants will get free Facebook Analytics of their pages, and their competitors, so you should really consider joining 🙂

More details:


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