Define top events in DAX for your Pulse Chart in Power BI

As I was working on the Presidential Facebook Reaction Dashboard here, the Power BI team have announced the release of the Pulse Chart. Excited by the potential of this custom visual, I set the next target for my blog – To share how to define dynamic top events in Pulse Charts.

While I am working on the next blog post, that will describe how to customize Power BI Pulse Chart with DAX measures, here is a sneak peak of the report we will create:

The main challenge ahead – How can we define dynamic events on the Pulse Chart that will change as you slice and dice your data (Hint: We will use DAX).

In the report above, you can slice and dice the Pulse Chart by US Presidential Candidate (Clinton or Trump or both), by Facebook reaction (Like, Love, Wow, Haha, Sad or Angry) or by time period. As a result , based on your selections you will see different events on the timeline, with the relevant Facebook post message of the relevant candidate.

Isn’t it awesome?

You can also drill down and navigate to the actual Facebook post from the Top Selected Posts table.

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Till this tutorial is ready, enjoy the PulseChart above and find which of Trump’s and Clinton’s Facebook posts raised the highest emotions.

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