Analyze US Election Candidates in Excel using Facebook Page Insights

If you read my recent blog posts on Facebook Page Insights, by now you may already know how to create a dashboard on Excel or Power BI that compares different brands by their storytellers on Facebook.

In this Excel workbook you can analyze the Facebook pages of the US election candidates, and see who is more popular by time and country.

On my next blog post, I will walk you through the creation of the dashboard, and we will hopefully drill down into some of the interesting insights.

Till then, check out how the democrats are doing vs. the republicans and which candidates beat the rest, well, at least according to the number of people talking about him/her on Facebook.

If you have interesting findings, please share in the comments (For example, on a certain day the democrats reached the same level of Facebook shares as the republicans. Do you know why?) 

Enjoy the analysis.




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