Fans of Power BI vs. Tableau vs. Qlik

Finally, Power Query works with Facebook insights. I will soon blog about this topic in more details. Till then, here is a short glimpse of a dashboard that compares between the number of fans of Power BI versus Tableau & Qlik (I didn’t embed it because my blog is on, and the site doesn’t support yet iframe from


The bottom line – If you are a Power BI fan, go to Power BI page on facebook and click the Like button. Tableau is leading with 95K fans, while Power BI is second with 44K.

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Update: I have added a Slicer 🙂


  1. francorg01 Reply


    Still on country analysis, it would be interesting having a breakdown that shows in how many countries the different BI products are ranked #1,#2 and #3…

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