#PowerQuery: New Calendar Template with Categories and better Recurring calc

I have updated the Calendar Template to include Categories and better calculation of recurring meetings.

Calendar Template v2.2

Note: This is no longer the official template under File–>New, but an improved one. Microsoft may consider using it in the future version, but I am no longer there to push it through 🙂

Help me improve it by sharing your feedbacks.

Happy new year!



    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      No. You may be able to connect to Google Calendar using the Web connector, and Google Web Rest APIs. But I never tried it.

    • Gil Raviv Post authorReply

      Thank you for sharing. You can connect to Microsoft Support if the issue is resulted in the Exchange connector itself. Can you please elaborate here which error you have?

      • Nick Tucker (@ncktckr)

        Different person here than the Anon above. I’m getting error 1004 saying “Query – Meetings” doesn’t exist or I don’t have access. I’m running on-prem Exchange Server 2013 and using Office 2016.

      • Gil Raviv Post author

        I am afraid you will need Microsoft official support here, or try to contact your IT to troubleshoot this error with you.

      • Nick Tucker (@ncktckr)

        I did reach out to them and T1 support didn’t have a clue, pointed me to “Pro Support” for $499… I’ll just have to reach out to some old coworkers at MS and see if they can get this to the Excel online content team. Can you just confirm this still works for you locally, though? Would be great to know if it’s broken for everyone or just a few; I’ve seen a number of folks reporting this issue on various forums.

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