Star Wars – The Power (BI) Awakens


This blog post is dedicated for Power BI and Star Wars fans.

The Star Wars movie is released tomorrow. For the special occasion, I created a Power BI Report that can be used to showcase the awesomeness of Power BI on Star Wars character data.


You can download the Power BI Desktop file here, and if you are an Power BI Jedi, feel free to use it to build great reports and share with your customers and colleagues.

The report uses a web service, SWAPI – The Star Wars API to import all the characters from Star Wars, it then appends multiple JSON pages (here you can learn how to do it with query functions), calculates their BMI, and builds relationship between characters and species to get further insights by species.

Enjoy. Looking forward to seeing cool data visualizations on Power BI with this data.

Following the release of the Publish-to-Web feature on (here), I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, still doesn’t support Power BI iframe objects, so the result is disappointing:


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