My Calendar Insights in Excel 2016

This week we have announced on Office Blogs the release of 3 new Excel templates that harness advanced data analytics technologies in Excel 2016:

  • Power Query (Excel 2016 new get-data and transformation features that are available in the Get & Transform section of the Data tab).
  • Power Pivot measures.

You are welcome to try out the new templates and examine their queries and DAX formulas. The templates are available in File –> New section of Excel 2016.


If you can’t find the template in File –> New, you can download it from TechNet Gallery here.

In this series we will walk through the Calendar Insight template that I created using the Exchange connector in Power Query. 

To learn how to use the template go here.

In this coming series we will discuss the following topics:

  • Use Data –> New Query –> From Other Sources –> From Exchange Server to import your calendar data. 
  • Tips and tricks to handle recurring meetings.
  • Use DAX to calculate the percentage of time spent on meetings.
  • Take the template to its next level and create new dimensions like meeting categories.
  • Import the data to Power BI and use custom visuals to create cool data visualizations.

Looking forward to seeing you here for the next blogposts of this series.


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