Hello World

imageThis is my first blogpost on DataChant. My still-secret place to chant about data analytics.

My name is Gil Raviv. I am a senior program manager in Microsoft Excel team (well, till the end of the year, if we need to be accurate). For the past two years I was fortunate to work with some of the smartest people I have known, and together we have broughy Power Query into Excel 2016 (among many other BI goodness).

To share the journey with you, I started a TechNet blog here to share interesting walkthroughs, tips and tricks on Power Query, the new Get-Data stack in Excel.

On January I am moving with my family to Chicago, and will leave Microsoft to start my new adventures as a trailing spouse (well at least till we settle-in).

My blog will move with me.

See you soon here.

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