Analyze Facebook Users and Their Power BI Network

Want to surprise your Power BI colleague or friend? Get this Power BI report, and analyze your Power BI network of friends on Facebook. You can even try it on your facebook friends (As long as they approved Facebook apps to query their friends who uses Power BI App).

Here is the full report. Flip through the different pages to find out many hidden insights on your profile, friend, or stranger.

What is included in the report?

The report was writtend as a variation of the Facebook Page report here. In case you are interested in analying facebook pages rather than users, you can purchase that report.

The report includes 8 pages, including, a full interactive graph diagram of the Facebook friends and their friends, who use Power BI (and approved Power BI as a Facebook app when they connected to Facebook via Power BI or Power Query in Excel).

And you can also measure the user’s engagement and impact on Facebook.


Once purchased, download the ZIP file, and extract the .pbit file it to your computer. Ensure you installed the latest Power BI Desktop. Double click on the .pbit file, and when the Power BI template opens, type “me” or a Facebook object id. Refresh the report, and enjoy the results.

If you are interested in a report on your facebook firend, you will need to obtain his/her Facebook object ID – Go to find your friend, and open his profile. Next, view the page source in your browser.

In the source of the Facebook page, look for the number after profile_id, and provide it in the template dialog. Note: Some users restricted their profile from prying eyes of Apps. So don’t try it on users such as Marc Zukerberg, who bloced their (whose Facebook object ID is 4).

Hope you’ll enjoy this report.

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